Ömer Muhammet Soysal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Research), Project Supervisor, Highway Safety Research Group
Adjunct Faculty, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Louisiana State University

Omer Muhammet Soysal  




  • Image Understanding Methods and Applications EE7700
  • Pattern Recognition for Machines EE7750
  • Thesis or independent research (CSC 7999, CSC 9000, SYCS 7090, SYCS 8000)
  • If you are interested in research (thesis, project, independent study) >>>

Current Projects:

  • Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors by Association Rule Mining
  • Development of an automation system for correction of crash location data
  • Classification of vehicles from video streams

Selected Publications:

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Current Research:


Transportation Safety

  • Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors by Association Rule Mining
  • Classification of vehicles from video streams using deep learning

Computer Vision

  • Invariant image features

Machine Learning

  • Association rule mining

Software Development:

  • Vehicle Classifier (assisted by Masoud Zadghorban Lifkooee)
  • Association Pattern Miner (assisted by Sharzad Shirzad, Eera Gupta, Harisha Donepudi)
  • GIS Based Automated Correction of Crash Location Data and Map-spotting (assisted by Kazim Sekeroglu, Eera Gupta)
  • GIS Based Online Iconic Visual Query and Analysis System (assisted by Pei Li)
  • Online Crash Data Analysis System for Louisiana State Police (assisted by Pei Li, Harisha Donepudi)
  • Computation of Sub-segment Event Statistics of Spatial Data in GIS Environment (assisted by Asim Shrestha, Kazim Sekeroglu)
  • Computer Aided Detection Framework Prototype
  • Automated SAFETYNET Crash Data Reporting
  • Heat Transfer Simulator



Students Supervised:

  • Present
    • Kazim Şekeroglu
    • Masoud Zadghorban Lifkooee
    • Sharzad Shirzad
  • Former
    • Eera Gupta (MS Thesis: Multi-threaded Implementation of Association Rule Mining with Visualization of the Pattern Tree, 2014)
    • Jayesh Mohan (MS Thesis: Exploring Hybrid Color Features For Face Recognition Under Illumination Variation, 2014)
    • Harisha Donepudi (MS Thesis: Detection of Interesting Traffic Accident Patterns by Association Rule Mining, 2013)
    • Pei Li (MS Project: Online Geographic Information Systems Based Iconic Visual Query and Information Visualization Framework for Exploratory Data analysis, 2012)
    • Kazim Şekeroglu (MS Thesis: A Computer-Aided Control Framework for Control, Instrumentation, and Mechatronics Laboratory Education, 2011)
    • Asim Shrestha (MS Project: Spatio-temporal information visualization in GIS environment for analysis of traffic accidents on a road network, 2010)
    • Wei Zhang (MS Project: GIS Web Application System for Query and Analysis of Crashing Data, 2010)
    • Harun Yilmaz (MS Thesis: Exploring effects of physical environment parameters on femtocell based communication, 2010)
    • Sandeep Talasia (MS Project: Interactive web application to assist decision makers using GIS Maps, 2008)





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